Why a Grasshopper Soccer Franchise?

A Grasshopper Soccer Franchise allows you the opportunity to become part of a strong, well-established company while still being your own boss.

Recognising that successful franchisees are the cornerstone of a successful company, Grasshopper Soccer remains focused on helping franchisees grow their business.

We run a simple and fun operation. No soccer experience required!

Our mission is to promote an environment of active fun without the pressure and stress of competition.

We encourage the kids to participate in games at the end of each session but the focus is not on the score or who won or lost – but team play, that is… having fun and gaining confidence.

This has a positive effect on both parents and children and is what sets Grasshopper Soccer apart from other soccer programs in Australia and New Zealand.

Our flexible model is designed to suit your lifestyle budget.

Grasshopper Soccer doesn't ask you to quit your day job! We offer the flexibility to build income in addition to your day job. Many of our franchisees have chosen this path during start up, then, once classes are established, the choice to how you work is up to you.

The initial investment is extremely competitive for a franchise! The only set monthly fee that Grasshopper Soccer charges is the franchise fee – we do not charge a marketing royalty or any other fees.

In fact, even your percentage of turnover is not charged, which we think is the best model for encouraging franchisees to grow without limitations. The more you grow, the better off YOU are!

Spend more time with family and increase the quality of your life.

Becoming a Grasshopper Soccer Franchise owner affords you the kind of flexibility in your schedule that is rare in the business world. As a franchisee, you have the opportunity to earn more while working less. With more free time to spend with family and loved ones, doing a job that the whole family can be involved in, why wouldn’t you become a franchise owner?

Grasshopper Soccer programs actively promote the interaction between parents and children, along with the enhancement of general motor skills, coordination and confidence of all participants, and this promotion starts with the families of our franchisees.

Business training and national support is provided.

Grasshopper Soccer is committed to providing excellent support to our Franchisees. All Franchisees are provided with a four-day franchise training program designed to make sure you are ready to hit the ground running with your business, offering both theoretical and practical training.

Our Franchisees are given the confidence and skills to run their own very successful Grasshopper Soccer franchise right away, with ongoing support provided by head office.

Inspire kids to love fitness and build confidence.

Our programs are fun and every kid participates - no child is left without a ball or sitting on the side waiting for a turn.

The games we play generally have a story behind them and are told in an animated way by the coaches, creating an environment of fun and excitement.

Grasshopper Soccer believes that, with our support and guidance, you can use its soccer programs to teach children the basic principles of life such as fairness, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Well established brand across Australia andNew Zealand.

Grasshopper Soccer is Australia & New Zealand’s #1 non-competitive soccer provider for children aged 2-12.

At Grasshopper, you not only become a part of a brand that is known and loved, but you also become part of a franchise network that is backed by experience.

By joining the Grasshopper Soccer team you will have 20 years of business experience and knowledge at your fingertips from the first day you operate.