Grasshopper Soccer is one of Australia's leading franchise businesses with 26 years experience, a brand that is known and loved, a franchise network backed by experience.

Since hopping onto the market in 1990, Grasshopper Soccer has become Australia and New Zealand’s largest non-competitive soccer program.

We have over 60 Grasshopper Soccer franchise territories already operating  across Australia and New Zealand.

An opportunity to join Grasshopper Soccer provides not only a robust business opportunity but a chance to own a piece of a strong brand identity within a supportive network.

With a solid pipeline of new locations, Grasshopper Soccer is always on the lookout for the right franchisees to work with us as we pursue our Vision.

Whilst we have many successful single program franchisees keen to sink their teeth into owning and managing one location, we also have a number of franchisees around Australia and New Zealand who have developed their own cluster of successful territories. From Perth all the way over to Auckland, our franchisees have reaped the rewards and benefits of the Grasshopper Soccer franchising model.

When you partner with Grasshopper Soccer, you’ll be investing in a highly respected and market leading franchise brand.


Our mission and philosophy is simple, at Grasshopper Soccer we are about promoting a fun and confidence-boosting environment without the pressure and stress of competition.

Our energy and passion for guiding young children, to encourage fun and excitement in outdoor activity is what we are about and everything we promote.


Together with our Franchise Business Partners, leading the industry and setting high standards is something we do continuously.

It's in the ridiculously fun programs we run each week and the loyal little customers we proudly help every day.

Our vision is to do just that on a broader national and international scale – to be an international leader of non-competitive soccer, children development, and franchising.